Somebody Take The Lead

There is a mass extinction on Earth today, and it’s not taking place in the animal kingdom.  This grave threat to society has been a cancer since the beginning and has spread its tentacles around the throat of every generation and squeezing the life out of humanity as we know it.  When you gaze upon the horizon, peering in our homes, our businesses, our governments, and even in our own souls, you will find that there is a dearth in the land of true leadership.

I’m not just talking about the leadership that gets your picture immortally printed in a history book long after your body has turned to dust in the grave, but the kind of leadership that we hope to find in our everyday people.  From the mom, to the mechanic, to the ministry, to the manager, all the way up to the monarch, leaders are in high demand.

Somebody needs to take the lead!  Don’t get me wrong, I honor those like the great Dr. Martin Luther King, that brave Amelia Earhart, or the brilliant Steve Jobs.  But what about leadership in our everyday men and women, those who will not have their names engraved in an eternal slab of stone, or articles written, hurling their name in the spotlight on every household television screen.

Assuming we understand universal ethics (that’s for another article) and those with a high moral compass, we are in dire need of somebody to take the lead!  Leadership has been compromised and corrupted.  There’s nothing more powerful than a good person with influence and yet there is nothing more destructive than a leader with ill intent and a dark soul.

I stand on the corner yelling, “Somebody, take the lead!  Lead us through the dark, lead us through the violent storm, lead us through the flames of Hell if need be, but please whatever you do, don’t stop leading!”  Everybody has somebody that’s watching and being influenced by your life, words, and actions and they need you to lead with the utmost heroism.  “A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way!”     -John C. Maxwell