Having a Major Headache

Have you ever had a bad migraine?  The kind that debilitates you?  Shut the blinds, turn the lights off, take two Ibuprofen, and hit the hay?  Boy, I have and it’s miserable!  For the next few blogs I want us to consider the anatomy of the leader, starting with the head.

Being an effective leader starts in the head.  Many so called “leaders” that I know are nothing more than a big headache!  They debilitate their teams!  They shut down forward progress.  Their teams are left uninspired and never challenged.  Allow me to ask you a very important question, “What’s going on between those two ears of yours?  Do you think like a leader?”  Let’s look at a few points to help you from having a headache or giving a headache.

That’s How To Use Your Brain!

Why do people in leadership positions feel they have it all figured out?  The reason they give headaches or do not  understand why their teams are frustrated and dismayed, is the fact they do not understand what it means to be a leader.

  • They lack knowledge on people skills.
  • They lack knowledge on problem solving.
  • They have poor self awareness

My attitude is never to be satisfied, never enough, never.
-Duke Ellington

Leaders get satisfied at a certain level and they plateau.  God help us to never grow complacent, in a place where we are lukewarm and settled.  Leaders should constantly be expanding their knowledge on what it means to be a leader!

Big Heads and Swollen Egos 

Knowledge is powerful, but humility keeps everything in context.  The humble leader may have the most knowledge but seeks opinions of his team.  They may have the strategy that brings the victory, but they seek to share the spoils with the rest.

The leader doesn’t lord over everyone “beneath” them.  No micro-management, never!  No putting down people, or flexing your leadership muscles, showing everyone who’s the boss!

Some leaders can’t get into the doorway because their head is so big from their over inflated view of themselves.  -Dustin L. Carr

I am not talking about lacking confidence and authority.  But rather a person that everyone feels comfortable following and taking direction from.  I have been around those husbands, bosses, managers, that have to motivate by threats.  Then I have been around those that I could gladly get behind and feel that this person is sincere, they know what they are talking about, and they have that quiet strength that rallies everyone behind a cause and march forward to victory.

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.
-Lao Tzu

The Headless Horseman

After reading tales of the Headless Horseman, I began to see a couple correlations with bad leadership.  The first similarity is obvious, they have lost their head.  You look at the horrible leader and see a man or woman with no direction.  The head directs the body and the mind instructs the body what to do.  Seeing some “leaders” in action make me set back and scratch my own head wondering where their thinking went.

But, on the other hand leaders know how to direct.  They set the goals, implement the plans, and put the right people in the right places, playing on their strengths and putting together a team that moves forward in one accord victory after victory.

Another thing I noticed about the Headless Horseman, is that he is nothing more than a legend.  This goes back to what I was saying about humility.  These types of leaders think they are “legends” or seek to be a “legend.”  And in reality they will never amount up to anything other than a bad example.

Leaders have their head on straight.  They can think, and make their ideas a reality.  Their team can rely on their steadfastness and ability to be level headed.  Have you ever had a “leader” that was a headache?  Or leaders, have you ever been a headache, because your weren’t making the right decisions?  I encourage each and everyone of you to maintain a level of professionalism and you will be “headed” in the right direction!

-Dustin L. Carr


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Somebody Take The Lead

There is a mass extinction on Earth today, and it’s not taking place in the animal kingdom.  This grave threat to society has been a cancer since the beginning and has spread its tentacles around the throat of every generation and squeezing the life out of humanity as we know it.  When you gaze upon the horizon, peering in our homes, our businesses, our governments, and even in our own souls, you will find that there is a dearth in the land of true leadership.

I’m not just talking about the leadership that gets your picture immortally printed in a history book long after your body has turned to dust in the grave, but the kind of leadership that we hope to find in our everyday people.  From the mom, to the mechanic, to the ministry, to the manager, all the way up to the monarch, leaders are in high demand.

Somebody needs to take the lead!  Don’t get me wrong, I honor those like the great Dr. Martin Luther King, that brave Amelia Earhart, or the brilliant Steve Jobs.  But what about leadership in our everyday men and women, those who will not have their names engraved in an eternal slab of stone, or articles written, hurling their name in the spotlight on every household television screen.

Assuming we understand universal ethics (that’s for another article) and those with a high moral compass, we are in dire need of somebody to take the lead!  Leadership has been compromised and corrupted.  There’s nothing more powerful than a good person with influence and yet there is nothing more destructive than a leader with ill intent and a dark soul.

I stand on the corner yelling, “Somebody, take the lead!  Lead us through the dark, lead us through the violent storm, lead us through the flames of Hell if need be, but please whatever you do, don’t stop leading!”  Everybody has somebody that’s watching and being influenced by your life, words, and actions and they need you to lead with the utmost heroism.  “A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way!”     -John C. Maxwell