Winning The Leadership Game With These 3 Attitudes

Are you winning the leadership game? Do you have the attitude to be a successful leader?

What is leadership to you?  How do you define it?  What does it look like?  Can you describe it?

Leaders come in various forms.  We read profiles of different leaders from biographies and articles.  There are thousands of books, even from those whom we have admired, that teach us the qualities that drove them to excel and standout among the average individual.

One characteristic of those great people that we admire and emulate, is the attitude that they projected.  Attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.  Many “leader’s” behavior betrays them, shouting to the world there true attitude towards their position and those they “lead.”

If you are a leader that wants to win and succeed, you will need to develop attitudes that will cause you to change your behavior, and behaviors that will change your world view and actions.  Here are three attitudes that you will need in order to win the leading game.

1.) A Humble Attitude

The average person does not associate humility with leadership.  May I say that most great leaders were lowly in mind and spirit.  That does not mean that they coward down and did not project confidence.  On the contrary, humility will allow a person to project confidence and boldness without the pride and cockiness.

How can I be humble?

  • Always be a student– Being a lifetime learner should be one of the foundational stones to your leadership style.  This will leave you feeling that you have not arrived or that you are not a “know it all.”  It will also keep you growing as a person and a leader.
  • Always put others first– Putting others first will help us maintain a humble attitude.  Seeking others first is an unnatural affection.  That’s what makes it so powerful and rewarding.  You are doing something that most people don’t do and for that you bring a fulfillment to your life.  That’s leadership!

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

-The great Zig Ziglar

  • Seek “teamwork”, not “me-work”- A true leader seeks the success of their team.  They use words like “we”, “us”, “together.”  Leaders have a passion for those around them, to help bring others to another level.  Forget the pedestals and thrones, and humble yourself for the benefit of others.

Humility is not the first attitude most people would think of when thinking of powerful leadership, but may I say, that’s what makes great leaders great, because no one thinks to be humble.  They do successfully what others have a hard time doing!

2.) Have a Winning Attitude

I know that sounds so cliche, but it is still a cardinal truth.  People have no business being leaders if they don’t seek to excel.  Have you ever wanted to follow someone that wanted to lose?

Losing is easy, you just have to do NOTHING!

 – I actually said this

-Winning requires strength- You have to be strong to carry the weight of the world! Strength to face adversity! Strength to make tough decisions!  Strength to face failure!

-Winning requires strategy- Teams do not win by accident.  It takes a series of intentional acts to make a winning team.  A leader knows every department of the team.  Where to place the important players.  Their strength and weaknesses.  How to inspire and turn passion into a plan to win!

-Winning requires strain- Winning isn’t easy.  Getting to the top isn’t easy.  You have to let those around you see that sacrifice, sweat,  and blood is worth it.  Winning doesn’t come easy.  It will test you at every corner.  When they are tired, limping, wounded, leaders will push their teams to rally in the 4th quarter to give it everything they have to win.

Vince Lombardi said: “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is”

Our team at work hasn’t hit every goal we set.  But we have strove to win every goal that we set.  We may have lost some, but we aren’t going down without a fight.  But if you are constantly losing you need to re-evaluate how you are leading.

Lead your team to victory.  Find what inspires them.  Put together a winning plan.  Fight with everything within you to win and get them to the top!

3.) Seeks to Make Other Leaders

This type of attitude seeks to leave a legacy.  The greatest testimony any person can have, is not that they have a lot of followers, but that a lot of followers were inspired to become leaders through their influence.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. As a leader, do others desire to follow you?
  2. As a leader, do others desire to emulate you?
  3. Does your influence dare others to step out of their comfort zone and succeed?

What does the future hold?  If all we do is create more followers, who’s going to lead the next generation.  I believe that some leaders just care about keeping people under them.  They feel threatened, as if others are trying to move in on their territory.

A lot of modern leaders seek to lead others on a horizontal plain, versus a gradual vertical direction.  People should want to be better when they are around you.  Have you ever been around those that just make you want to succeed?  They inspire change in you.  They let you see the potential that you truly have.  They do not lead you down the path of least resistance, but cause you to go places you have never been.

True leaders have the attitude that one day they will be gone, but their influence will carry on.  Others are coming up underneath them, and they need guidance and growth.  They need success and fulfillment. 

Why is attitude so important?  What attitudes are you cultivating to maintain great leadership behaviors?  Answer this for yourself and comment on this blog on some attitudes you think is important to be a leader.
Dustin L. Carr




Author: Dustin Carr

I am married with a beautiful baby boy named Jaxson, and a sweet little girl on the way. Well, I am going to pretend she's sweet. I have managed a local franchise for the last 10 years. My desire is to encourage and educate individuals on leadership.

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