“Eye” Dare You!!!

Let us dig a little deeper into the anatomy of a leader. We will look at the eyes or rather look through the eyes of a leader!  “Eye” dare you to adjust your vision, broaden your scope, and look through the lenses of a true leader!

We find ourselves in a generation “of the blind leading the blind.”  Wandering around aimlessly, bumping into every opportunity, but never seizing upon the gift of success that was handed to them and their teams.  I want to pose three different ideas to help you clear up your vision.

Get Your Reading Glasses On

Never forget this, “Leaders are readers!”  Now, there are many things we can read. Libraries, magazine racks, and the Internet are stocked  full of goodness for us to indulge our inquisitive minds in.  But remember, you have to be reading the right stuff.

I ask you, “What are you passionate about?  What is it that you desire to do, or what field do you want to go into?”  Find every available material to consume and become an expert in your field of study.

Sales?  Customer service?  Automotive?  Entrepreneurship?  Pastoral?  Hair stylist?  Anything that gives you the information to help you stand apart from your competition, gives you the advantage to becoming successful.

A readership crisis is really a leadership crisis.  – Michael Hyatt

The more you read, the more you learn.  The more you learn, you develop the ability to maximize your skills to their highest potential.  When you accomplish that, you get noticed, recognized, and you become an industry authority.  In other words, the “go-to person” in your field.

What Do You See Right Now?

Reading, learning, educating, describes the process and the in and outs of your particular passion.  That includes YouTube videos and websites that can give you another outlet to learn.  Sometimes that means taking courses and going to college to get a certificate if need be.  I don’t know about you but I want a nurse that has gone through school and has a nice diploma showing that she satisfies the states requirements, to legally practice her profession.

So, you want to be a leader?  Awesome!  Now study!  Do the little things now to make a big impact on your future.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Lao Tzu

One of my personal motto’s this year is, “embrace the grind.”  Most people don’t want to do the hard part to get to the easy part.  Look at the hear and now, and determine on what you need to do to make you a success.  Leaders understand the power of the present.  Seizing opportunities and creating discipline in their lives that will affect them positively down the road!

That’s why you need to create a “dream board.”  Get you a pin board to hang on your wall in a prominent spot.  Pin a picture of what it is you ultimately want.  Then put underneath it or put it at the center with strings stretching from the center to another picture that describes a step that you’re going to take everyday that is going to help you reach your goal.  Keep it in  front of you so you can see it!

Remember, the first step is the most important step!

Look to The Stars

Peering through a microscope gives you the details, gazing through a telescope gives you inspiration.  We need daily inspiration to help us maintain the drive and vigor needed to get us through the hard times.  Inspiration will do a few things for you:

  • Help prevent burnout or at least get over it-  Burnout affects everyone and in order to keep from getting in a rut, you need inspiration.  My inspiration is my family’s future. I keep that in mind when I get weary and tired and it helps me to “embrace the grind.”
  • It keeps you evolving- Look at the NASA program.  At one time people were looking with their own eyes at the moon with wonder.  Then the inspiration came to peer closer, so they built a telescope.  They were so inspired that eventually they built machines that gave man the ability to put earthly boot prints on the surface of the moon.  When you can see your future and what it is you want you will keep changing and adjusting your attitude and mentality of the here and now.
  • You give inspiration to others- “Hey come over here and look at this!”  When others see you looking through the telescope they get curious.  You get excited because you give them the opportunity to see the splendor of what it is your looking at.  After all what is a true leader?  A leader that creates other leaders!

One person said that, “Inspiration is better caught, than taught!”

“Eye” dare you to lead!  “Eye” dare you to make it happen!  Become top of your field!  Shine bright, stand out, help others get to where they are going, and I promise that the leader within you will break out like Clark Kent.

-Dustin L. Carr

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Author: Dustin Carr

I am married with a beautiful baby boy named Jaxson, and a sweet little girl on the way. Well, I am going to pretend she's sweet. I have managed a local franchise for the last 10 years. My desire is to encourage and educate individuals on leadership.

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