Is Your Dream a “Tangled” Mess?

Do you dream and are your dreams a “Tangled” mess?

Everyone has seen that awesome Disney movie, Tangled.  This film is about a long (very long) blond-haired, ditsy, and curious princess (at this point she’s clueless to being royal.    Rapunzel meets an unsuccessful thief named Flynn Rider, who is running from the king’s guards for stealing. Meanwhile, Rapunzel has a dream to finding the meaning of the lanterns released every year on her birthday.  These two team together, both with different motives, to create a funny and silly comedy that my family and I love watching every so often.

The scene that I love, is when Rider guides Rapunzel into a tavern full of “ruffians” in order to scare her to run back to her evil mother. But instead of scaring her it turns into about 15 minutes of all these rough necks singing and describing their dreams.  At one point Flynn lays out his dream, and it wreaks with selfishness and hunger for money.  As they try to escape from Flynn’s captors, one of the “ruffians” tells Flynn that his dream “stinks!”

What dreams do you have?  Every leader should have a dream or a vision for their company, their family, their church, or just themselves.  Dreams do a few things:

  • Dreams Motivate– Dreams should be made of things that inspire you to new heights and depths.
  • Dreams Stretch- Dreams should stretch you and bring you out of your comfort zone.
  • Dreams are Detailed– Are you the kind of person that remembers every detail of every dream?  I am and it drives me crazy, but at the same time our dreams and visions should be as detailed as possible, so those around us knows exactly what we dreamed and should be able to see the vision that projects us forward
  • Dreams aren’t too Realistic– How’s crazy are your dreams?  Your dreams shouldn’t be so realistic that it can only be accomplished by simple means. Dreams have an element of fantasy in them. They ought to make you try new things, learn new ways, accomplish what you thought was once impossible.

No one dreams any more.  I read a really cool story in the book Thinking For A Change, by John C. Maxwell.

He says, “A few years ago in Leadership journal, Lynn Anderson described an incident from American history to illustrate limited thinking.  More than three centuries ago, the Pilgrims landed on the shores of the American continent with great courage and vision.  In their first year, a small group of settlers established a town.  The next year, they established a town council.  In their third year, that council proposed building a road five miles into the wilderness for westward expansion.  But the following year the people criticized the proposal as a waste of public funds.  Evidently they couldn’t see the big picture.  As Anderson pointed out, the Pilgrims had once been able to see across the oceans; they now could not look five miles into the wilderness.” (1)

Let me give you three quick things to encourage you to dream:

You may have to overcome big obstacles

The big obstacle in Rapunzel’s life was her evil “mother!”  Her mother held her captive, isolated, and fed her a bunch of lies.  And that’s how our obstacles do us.  Your obstacle may not be a person, but rather a physical or mental problem.  It may be a set of ideas that you have had all your life.  Or it could be the greatest enemy in the world, yourself!  But either way we have to find ways to break free from these crippling obstacles so that we can move forward in our dreams.

You’re mad, bonkers, off your head…but I’ll tell you a secret…all of the best people are. Alice in Wonderland

You must always have your dreams before you

Everywhere you looked in Rapunzel’s tower loft was the same emblem of those lanterns she saw every year.  She painted and posted them everywhere.  It was something she was passionate about and hungry for.  We need to make us a dream board and hang our dreams on it and look at it everyday.

You should develop a plan to reaching those far out stars that seem to dazzle at the edge of the universe.  Dustin L. Carr

Be encouraged and inspire yourself with an insatiable desire for whatever your dream may be.

Team up with others with skills that you need 

Rapunzel realized she couldn’t do it on her own.  Flynn had the skills necessary to help her on her journey.  He had the knowledge of what she was looking for and where to get it.  She had help from a horse at one time, and the size, muscle, and courage of all the “ruffians” that fell in love with her personality.  Life’s a journey and dreams are amazing, but going at it on your on is a futile mission.

Do you dream big? Or are your dreams a “Tangled” mess?  Let me know what your dreams are?  Send back feed back and comments

(1) John C. Maxwell, Thinking For a Change, pgg. 65, 66





Author: Dustin Carr

I am married with a beautiful baby boy named Jaxson, and a sweet little girl on the way. Well, I am going to pretend she's sweet. I have managed a local franchise for the last 10 years. My desire is to encourage and educate individuals on leadership.

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